NMN Gold 4500 mg (Combo 3 Box - Discount 10%)

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- Promotes the production of NAD +, rejuvenates the skin and is mentioned by many scientific reports on health effects.
- Activate the SIRTUINS gene, prevent early signs of aging, improve memory, protect the brain and nervous system.
- Enhance metabolism to help body absorb better and always be full of energy thank to DNA repair.
- Controlling the status of some diseases such as diabetes, stabilizing/increasing insulin (the hormone that plays an important role in lowering blood sugar), preventing diabetes complications.
- Protect Cardiovascular. Promote blood vessel regeneration, maintain blood vessel elasticity, enhance endurance and vitality.
- Stabilize blood pressure, reduce insomnia, loss of appetite, impaired memory.
- Strengthen immunity, quickly recover health.
- Control weight
- Prevent loss of bone density, improve vision and immune function, etc.


1. What is NMN (β-nicotinamide mononucleotide / β-nicotinamide mononucleotide)?

"NMN" is a substance contained in vitamins, and is an enzyme-based food contained in trace amounts in broccoli and edamame. It is an essential coenzyme for sustaining life. Although it is produced in the body, its production decreases with age, so it is considered effective to take it as a supplement.

2. Aging care goes to the next stage

Collagen to eat At Aishito, a beauty and health food manufacturer, including collagen jelly, which has the highest sales in Japan for 11 consecutive years (* 2), Iwamoto, the representative, has been studying with an antenna for beauty and health. In doing so, we were the first to pay attention to the topical longevity health substance "NMN". I have researched and ingested hundreds of cosmetological ingredients, but this is the first time I have come across such a highly effective ingredient! Product development started with the desire to spread "NMN", which many people do not know yet, to many people and make all women smile.

3. This is amazing! "NMN" with love

Keeping youthful with two major aging care ingredients
The topic "NMN" and trans-type resveratrol are blended in a unique content. Just drink 2 capsules a day to keep youthful and shining no matter how many times you get. 2. At the Japan Food Research Laboratories Center, a third-party organization that specializes in quality and safety evaluations of high-quality foods and drinking water with a purity of 99% or higher, became "NMN" with Aishito. We have inspected the purity of the NMN used and confirmed that the purity is 99% or higher.

4. Proof of reliable quality Manufactured in "GMP certified" in-house factory

Aishito's "NMN" is manufactured in-house in a GMP standard certified factory that thoroughly manages hygiene. We will deliver safe, secure and high quality Japanese NMN supplements by performing appropriate manufacturing control and quality control in the entire process from raw materials to shipping.




Gồm maltose, red wine extract powder (containing resveratrol), beta-nicotinamide mo/nucleotide (NMN), cellulose, calcium stearate
21g (350mg X 60 tablets)
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