About Us

Aishitoto Co., Ltd. (Japan) has been serving customers in Japan since 1998. The company recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary in business and is now advancing into Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Singapore as part of its Asian expansion.

Aishitoto is an e-commerce beauty company dealing in a wide range of cosmetics, creams, lotions, health foods and collagen products that are formulated to maintain one's youth, beauty and total body wellness.

Aishitoto's exclusive skin care products are created to ensure its customer's satisfaction by using all-natural ingredients with its main ingredient: Marine Collagen.

Aishitoto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has been appointed as the Regional Head Quarters for its products and services across the region. Expanding its reach beyond just e-commerce services, Aishitoto's products in Malaysia will be available across AEON outlets nationwide bringing Malaysia's first collagen jelly product made in Japan.



The founder and CEO of Aishitoto Co. Ltd. Ms. Hatsue Iwamoto truly believes that everyone should live a beautiful and healthy life. A person who exudes positive vibes, it is through Aishitoto’s engagement with the public that she provides and shares positive stories and words of wisdom to help and touch the hearts of everybody regardless of their age, gender or background.

An active philanthropist, Ms. Iwamoto is the Ambassador of Nakagawa City, Karatsu City, and Miyagi Town Women’s Activity Support Program, she is also the Commissioner of Fukuoka’s Rehabilitation Association & Fukuoka Enterprise Business Support Organisation among many other active roles in the various communities around Japan.