Aishitoto only uses collagen extracted from the deep-sea fishes. Most marine collagen in the market uses collagen extracts from fish scales. However, Aishitoto provides only premium Collagen extracted from Fish Skin!

Aishitoto's collagen jelly is NOT added with preservatives. As a result, they have relatively short shelf lives compared to that collagen in the market with preservatives.

Aishitoto's collagen jelly is safe to eat within 4 months after the 'Best Before Date'. However, the nutritional value might not be as it was before.

As of now, Aishitoto has yet to receive a halal certification. However, our collagen is solely extracted from deep-sea fish skin only.

There are 30 sachets of marine collagen jelly in each box. Each box contains 30,000mg of collagen. That makes it 1,000mg per sachet.

To date. there is no scientific evidence stating that collagen produces better results if taken at a certain time. So enjoy it whenever you feel like it! Any time... Anywhere...

It is recommended to take 1 - 3 sachets of collagen jelly each day. Not more than 5 sachets per day.

It is best to store them in a cool place or in the refrigerator. Do not expose them to direct sunlight!